Emergency Youth Shelter

Discovery Home Care Emergency Youth Shelter directly addresses the youth homeless issue by bridging emergency youth shelter accommodations and much needed supplemental services to address the unique needs of the youngest victims of the homelessness epidemic. As the issues of youth homelessness continue to emerge, viable and proven practices are critical to cauterizing the emergent wound of homelessness on its most vulnerable victims.

The definition of “Homeless Youth” are individuals under the age of 18 who lack parental, foster, or institutional care; they are in need of services and without a place of shelter where they receive supervision and care. These individuals are sometimes referred to as “unaccompanied” youth. The category of homeless youth is defined to include runaway, throwaway, and street youth.

It is unknown how many homeless youth are out there. Most of them are not in the child welfare, juvenile justice, or mental health systems, making it difficult to accurately gather statistical data. Pinpointing homeless youth in Gaston County is difficult because many may be staying with friends or relatives rather than actually living on the street.

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