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You can make a difference in a young person’s life and meet some incredible people who share your commitment when you become a Discovery Home Care volunteer.

At Discovery Home Care, we rely on the dedication of people like you.

Volunteering has many benefits, not only for the young person you’re helping, but for you too. Think of how great you’ll feel when you bring a little joy into the lives of young people who are going through rough times. The future of our society depends on how we treat our young people. We look forward to a brighter and better future thanks to your dedication and commitment to service.

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Top Nine Reasons to Volunteer for Discovery Home Care Emergency Youth Shelter

  1. Because the kids need you.
  2. Because you want to be somebody’s hero.
  3. Because a sunny day is too nice not to share with someone.
  4. Because you have been blessed and feel that you should share your blessings with others.
  5. Because your children have left you with an ’empty nest’ and you still have love to give.
  6. Because you are a college student eager to make a difference.
  7. Because you are retired and find yourself watching too many reruns of Matlock
  8. Because there’s no one to answer your knock-knock jokes.
  9. Because a new box of crayons still gets you excited.

Get Volunteer Benefits From Your Job

Did you know that your company might match your volunteer time contributions? Many local companies reward volunteer time with a donation of cash grants to non-profits in which their employees volunteer. For each hour of your volunteer time, your employer may donate money to Discovery Home Care.

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